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Me on Social Media

Hello, friends. It's been more than a year since I've posted here on the newsletter on my website. But since the Twtter community I loved is splintering under the thumb of a random billionaire, I wanted to be sure that you all know where to find me.  Here, of course, if I still have your correct email.  And for social media: 


Here I am on Mastodon




This is a new account. I'm just now learning how to use it, but I'm enjoying it. 


Here I am on Facebook


I've had a fair number of phishing attempts on my Facebook account, so I can be a little slow to add people back on there. Even if I know you, it's hard to be sure if someone has taken your photo, set up a false account, and is trying to scam people with it. Maybe drop me a note in the message function if you'd like be mutual friends there? 


There's so much else to say, but that's enough for now. Happy winter! 

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